Welcome to our shop

Welcome to the website of the Polish “Wisla” Shop in Warrington.

Do you miss your traditional family food? Are you looking for quality and healthy products? You can not imagine your life without fresh bread? You are on the right track; we guarantee that you will find it all in our new shop...

Enjoy shopping seven days a week, a tempting smell of freshly baked bread, succulent meats, an amazing quality of our healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables.

We offer over 1500 products best European manufacturers including: bakery, dairy, meat, raw meat, cakes and other sweets, fruits and vegetables, frozen food, canned food, alcohol (including vodka, wine and beer), juices, teas, spices and everything we need for our kitchen to preserve the quality and taste of our food.

Bending shelves, include a variety of the highest quality are our main targets, which we strive to meet every day, always with a smile in a truly welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Enjoy a satisfied shopping in our store! We guarantee 100% satisfaction!













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